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Thought of the day (September 22)
Talked to everyone in the welcome party today.
I became the talkative one somehow.
And now I'm starting to worry that they will find me annoying...

What's with this train of feeling?

Thought of the day (August 4)
Great, now I feel unbelieavbly lonely.
That's why I hate love stories

Thought of the day (August 4)
Never deal with air ticket agent again.
They never have better deal than the actual airlines..

Thought of the day (July 30)-2
I told my friend about my insecurities
And as usual, he told me everyone deals with negative thoughts differently.
Some just decided not to talk about it.
And that I should learn to get used to it so I won't have those feelings at all.

I myself think it's a very bad way to deal with a depressed person.

Sometimes I think, that if something ever happens to me, he will regret this.

Thought of the day (July 30)
Not really the thought of today but I've been thinking about it for a while.
That person who just stops responding to my messages/comments/questions, what is going on in their heads? I bet they must find me annoying huh? I shouldn't have tried to maintain the contact after all. Putting faith in others is something I'm worst at.

Thought of the day (July 17)
I wanted to be a bit selfish.
Cant my mom just leave my grandmother for my uncles and aunts for a few days and spend some time with me?
I love my grandma but I cant help thinking like that sometimes.

Thought of the day (July 12)
I rewatched Ofurotaimu Smiling and felt so fucking proud of myself for making that happen.
It is one of a very few things that I'm actually proud of myself.
Waseda info came in and anxiety is kicking in again. Had to tell myself that I will be fine. I am a good person, I will be fine.

Thought of the day (June 15)
I remembered a classmate in highschool.
There was a yearly exam to decide who can move on to a better class. She passed it but decided to stay.
No matter what reasons she did it for, now that I think about it, she was a really gentle person.

Thought of the day (June 5)
Sometimes conversations just don't come out. Feeling awkward thinking I'm bothering people.
I should start planning on what to grow in my dorm room when I arrive. Can't really see me loving plants and animals though but at least that's the plan.

Thought of the day (May 29)
The latest Pirates of the Caribbean is not that great.